Second day of TraditionAnew 2018.

Second day of TraditionAnew

On Friday, second day of the festival, TraditionAnew continued in Belgrade.

In Bitef theatre, there were two different performances.

“Melting Pot”, performed by Ballet School of Novi Sad, Folk Dance Department and “A Serbian Fantasy”, by Serbian National Song and Dance Ensemble KOLO.

In Bitef Art Cafe, there was a musical performance “LADO Electro 2.0”.

In Chamber of commerce of Serbia, conference continued. In the first bloc of lectures, 5 – First block of lectures Andriy Nahachewsky (Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta, Canada) presented “Choreographing Eyes in Ukrainian Staged Folk Dance”,  Iva Niemčić (Institute for Ethnology and Folcloristic, Zagreb) presented “From Field to Stage and Back” while Milan Bačkulja (Serbian National Song and Dance Ensemble KOLO) talked to the audience about “Analysis of folklore choreography and problematics of its development”.

In the second bloc, international lecturers presented their work.

Emily Wilcox (University of Michigan, USA) presented “A Folk Image that Resonates: Yang Liping’s Multimedia Peacock Choreography” and Stephanie Jordan (University of Roehampton, London, UK) presented “Traditional Dance and Theatre Dance: Mark Morris Breaks Borders”.

In Bitef theatre creative workshop continued its second day.


Photos: Jelena Janković