First Day of TraditionAnew 2018.

Yesterday, second edition od TraditionAnew festival started.

In Kombank Dvorana, KOLO and LADO performed together and officially opened the festival. This was their second performance together in Belgrade after more than two decades.

During the day, in several locations around the Belgrade, TraditionAnew was happening in many different forms.

In Bitef theatre, an international group of dancers took part in a creative workshop. This was first of four days of the workshop which will result in a performance at the end of the summit.

In Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, as a part of TraditionAnew conference, there were several lectures. Dunja Njaradi presented „Tattooed Soap Bubble: Notes on Dance Criticism.“ Zdravko Ranisavljević, Miloš Rašić and Nikola Ljuca presented project „Rumenka“ (The Blushing One) and „A Moment For Tradition“, while Vladimir Dekić, Jelena Janković, Sanja Ranković and Dunja Njaradi presented KOLO Ensemble publishing activities.


Photos: Jelena Janković